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Personal insurance   What are your home contents worth to you?

A recent survey by the Association of British Insurers revealed 25% of British households had no home contents insurance. In some areas, this increased to 45%!
So, does that mean up to 45% of the British home owners:

• Feel they could afford to replace their entire contents in the event of them being totally destroyed by an Insurable event?
Probably not

• Think contents insurance is too expensive?

• Think that it will never happen to them?

There are many different reasons why individuals would choose to not insure their contents. The reality is, to insure your contents is straightforward. The peace of mind you would gain knowing you had protected the possessions most precious to you is priceless. You can choose many different options to suit your budget and we are just a phone call away.

Don’t think about insuring your contents when it is too late……

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