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With over 20 years experience providing bespoke insurance solutions for smallholders and landowners we are committed to achieving the best possible solution we can for our agricultural insurance clients, whilst reducing your costs wherever possible. To do this, we use a process underpinned by five key principles:

  1. Get to know you and build a detailed understanding of your requirements.
  1. Accurately identify your precise current and future insurance needs.
  1. Use our experience, expertise and knowledge of the agricultural insurance market to find the best solutions for you.
  1. Continue to support you throughout the year, not just at renewal, offering the highest standards of service at all times.
  1. Make the process of managing claims simple and hassle-free by handling all aspects of a claim on your behalf.

Find out more about Isca Barum’s approach to helping you with your insurance review.

If you would like to find out how we can help you with your smallholder or landowner insurance needs, please contact us on 0345 241 6501.

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