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Insurers are experiencing a higher number of claims relating to slips and trips, from charities, so we thought you may want to share the risk advice doc Ansvar recently produced – click here

This guide talks about the management of slips and trips within any charity, which forms part of the charity’s duty of care for staff, volunteers and visitors. These hazards should be reviewed both inside and outside a charity’s premises, including car parks and pathways.

The five steps to help you manage slips and trips

  • Risk Assessment– complete a risk assessment to identify the risks. 
  • Take Precautions – implement adequate precautions, providing information and training for any employees and volunteers on what they need to do.
  • Periodic checks– make periodic checks to ensure your precautions remain adequate.
  • Ownership – document your arrangements and responsibilities for preventing slips and trips, perhaps as part of your health and safety policy.
  • Record Keeping– Keep records of what you have done. If a claim is made against the charity, records may support your defence.

For more information on this subject as well as other Risk documents you may want to send to your clients, please have a look at the dedicated Risk section of our website.

If you you are a Charity and have any specific questions or concerns please contact us here.

Source: Ansvar Insurance


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