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What is Flood Re?

With adverse weather conditions creating difficulties for many UK homeowners to secure insurance for their properties; the UK Government and leading insurers have worked together to create the Flood Re scheme which offers affordable cover to households in areas at high risk of flooding.

How does it work?

Participating insurers can offer Flood Re protection by providing insurance for your property but with the addition of government funding to assist with paying out flood-related claims.  This makes it possible for insurers, who otherwise would not be able to offer competitive premiums due to the risks involved, with insuring property in areas susceptible to floods.

The UK Government offers a website where you can determine the level of flood risk in your area and how to take precautions to limit the impact of flooding on your property at or, to learn more about Flood Re, you can also visit their designated website at


If you have had difficulty in finding an insurer due to the risk of flood in your area, or if your current insurer will no longer offer you terms at renewal because of the risk of flood, please contact us at either Exeter 01392 363111 or Barnstaple 01271 320320.

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