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Specialist insurance for influencers and high profile individuals that live their life in the public eye!

There have always been risks for high profile individuals, but with the advent of Social media those risks have increased, certainly for ‘influencers’ who can now engage with their fan base or promote their products or services. But of course, there are pitfalls…
– Posting a photo, without gaining permission from the copyright owner
– An off the cuff remark after an after dinner speech – captured on video that then goes viral, bringing a wave of publicity and potential claims
– And many more instances where inadvertent actions can prove to be costly
The risks are very real and could potentially be very expensive. The defence costs and indemnity payments incurred as a result could be enough to have a significant impact on financial well-being.

This specialist insurance could be suitable for you if:
– You are paid by advertising agencies or brands to promote their brands, products or services to their social media following
– You are an athlete who has signed an endorsement deal with a major brand
– You create and make money from a blog or vlog
– You frequently have speaking engagements, whether it is a panel, after-dinner speech or as a guest lecturer
– You have been hired as TV or radio presenter, or they host a podcast
– You give press interviews (including pre and post-match for sportspeople), red carpet interviews or make promotional appearances (such as book launch tours).

This insurance policy has been tailored to cover the media and contractual risks that come with public appearances, and the content that is shared on social media channels and websites.

Cover Includes

– Defence costs and damages – pay your legal defence costs (which could be substantial) as well as any damages.

– Breach of a promotional contract – cover you if a client brings a breach of contract claim against you in relation to the quality of a promotion, endorsement or sponsorship they’ve hired you for.

– Breach of advertising legislation – advertising disclosure regulations are constantly developing around the world. You have protection if a client brings a claim against you for unintentional breach of any advertising laws, regulations, or codes of practice.

– Unauthorised access to your social media – we know a life in the limelight can make you a target for hackers. That’s why you’ll be covered for certain claims arising from unauthorised access to, or posting of, any online content to your social media.

– Intellectual property infringement – cover for intellectual property infringement claims, including copyright infringement, if you have not got appropriate permissions or breached the scope of your license.

– Defamation – cover for actual or alleged libel, slander and malicious falsehood whether arising from something you posted online or something you said in an interview.

– Breach of privacy – cover for breach of confidence and infringement of any right to privacy that arise from your media activities.

– Worldwide coverage – cover for claims brought anywhere in the world so you can curate your global audience without worrying if your policy covers you.

– Choice of counsel – if you have a pre-existing relationship with a lawyer who specialises in the types of claims covered by this insurance, you can choose to work with them with our approval.

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