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Businesses employing more than five people are required by law to hold this type of insurance as the owners of those businesses owe their employees a very high duty of care to ensure they are safe in their place of work.  In the event of injury to an employee, where the employer is found to be at fault, this insurance provides cover for the compensation due to the employee, together with their legal costs and expenses.

It should be noted that some Sub-Contractors should be included under your Employers Liability Insurance. If you have labour only sub-contractors (as opposed to bona fide sub-contractors), they should almost certainly be included. If you’re not sure which category your sub-contractors fall into, please contact us and we’ll send you our brief guide.

Awards of compensation are ever increasing, as are the costs and expenses attaching to them.  Employer’s liability insurance provides cover for this as well as the legal costs of defending such claims.

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