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Arson in the workplace is an increasing problem that should not be ignored.
During 2015/16 alone Fire & Rescue Services attended over 520,000 incidents, of these there was a marked increase of 12% in deliberate fires and a 3% increase in fires in non-domestic buildings (mainly commercial premises).
The moral has to be – review your property insurance to make sure you are properly protected

All premises are at risk, but some more than others, such as unoccupied buildings, farms, places of worship, newspaper premises, schools and animal research establishments.
Correct insurance against fire is crucial for all businesses – contact us for more information.

The following is some useful general advice:
1. Conduct an Arson Risk Assessment at Your Premises – and ensure that you are properly insured!
The assessment should be carried out by a competent person as part of an overall fire risk assessment, as required under fire safety legislation.
Based on this assessment adequate security should be implemented.

2. Storing hazardous Items – waste material should be removed daily and held securely in bins or skips at least 10m from the building and 2 m from the site perimeter.
Flammable materials should be kept to a minimum and kept at least 10m from buildings and 2m from the site perimeter, while hazardous materials should be kept securely.
Where a 10m space isn’t possible, waste should be held in lockable metal containers and kept away from doors, windows etc.

3. Staff Precautions – make sure your employees are aware of the risks and are encouraged to challenge strangers and report suspicious behaviour.

4. Closedown Procedures – inspection of key areas prior to closure each day and removal of waste material and flammable liquids and gasses have been locked away.

For more information or for a quote for your business insurance please contact us now.

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