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Nobody really wants to spend time submitting an insurance claim. However, spending a little time to get it right at the outset can pay dividends further down the line. This is one of the many reasons Isca Barum Insurance Brokers’ in-house claims team guides all our clients through the entire claims process – we never just send them ‘the forms’!

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Here are my top 5 tips for submitting an insurance claim.

  1. Tell your provider as soon as possible. Even if you only suspect you need to make a claim
  2. Documentation is important. Most claims require supporting documents – the quicker this can be provided, the quicker your claim will settle.
  3. Where the insurance company requests information try to provide it – they ask for a reason and it can help avoid delay
  4. Don’t lie – you’ll get found out
  5. Be patient. Even with the best will in the world, claims take time to process

Here are answers to questions we’re most often asked at the time a claim is being prepared for submission:

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Ask Paul!

While there are limits to the extent we can get involved in a claim if you’re not a client, if you’ve a question you’d like Paul’s advice on then we’d be glad to try and help. All we ask in return is that you let us give you a no obligation quote for your next renewal. Seem fair? Then Ask Paul!

Ask Your Question

Our claims expert Paul Mayer shares advice on best practice when submitting an insurance claim.

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