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Treating Customers Fairly

Central to our business ethic is treating our customers fairly – we believe that we should and do match and exceed the service standards that our clients expect. The way that we accomplish this is by:

  • Ensuring that all our correspondence and conversations are clear, fair and not misleading – we will keep a note of all correspondence and telephone calls and review them on a regular basis with findings provided to the board of directors on a monthly basis to ensure clarity.
  • Ensuring that if things do go wrong we will put them right as soon as possible and help to defray any of your costs. Complaints will be dealt with by a Board member of our firm and we will ensure that we learn from them.
  • Being open and transparent in all our dealings with the client.
  • Supporting the client and giving him/her any help they require when they need to make a claim and letting them know as soon as possible if a claim will not be met by an insurer and the reasons for the rejection.

These four principals are supported by:


  • Invoicing has been made as clear as possible and splits out fees, tax and premium.
  • Receipts show the type of receipt and amount, the policy and due date.
  • Terms of business has been assessed for disclosure of all our terms of trading in a fair and understandable way.
  • Where additional requests for information are made Freepost envelopes are used.
  • All standard letters have been assessed for fairness and plain English.
  • Renewals system includes a reminder letter, a telephone call and then a letter confirming that cover has been lapsed.
  • Renewed policies always have confirmation of cover letters sent with receipts and insurer receipts where available.
  • New business quotes are sent out with full disclosure and details of policy wording including Terms of Business Agreement (TOBA), complaints process, summary of cover, demands and needs, statement of fact and payment details
  • New business confirmation where the above has not been sent will include all these items plus payment confirmation
  • Policy documents are forwarded in accordance with ‘contract certainty’, within 5 working days for retail clients and 30 days for commercial clients. Claims handling details are enclosed with the policy document.
  • Proposal forms and statement of fact (SOF) are sent to the insurer (where applicable) without delay
  • Customer care surveys will be issued post renewal and on new business completion; the answers collated each month and discussed at department meetings
  • File audits are carried out monthly and the content reported back to management.
  • File notes are maintained at all times following correspondence, visits and telephone calls


Verbal communication

Staff provide additional assistance and go ‘that extra distance’ to help clients in all aspects of general insurance. This training is updated on the Aviva Development Zone and through ‘train to gain’.

There is no computerised telephone answering system and clients calls are answered by trained staff. If all lines are busy or after work hours then a voicemail system is in place. All client calls are noted on the Acturis system

Our website provides information for clients – it includes insurer details for out of hours claims etc.



  • All customers are treated as consumers.
  • Status is disclosed on our terms of business sent to all new clients
  • Features, benefits and restrictions are shown on our Demands and Needs Statements
  • Policy documentation is checked prior to issue to ensure that it is correct and does not contain, clauses, conditions or exclusions of which the client has not been made aware.
  • Suitability of products is discussed with clients at the time of initial fact find. Client is requested at policy issuance to ensure that the policy is suitable.
  • Disclosure or the lack of it and consequences is set out in our renewal letters and new business letters
  • Clients are requested to contact us if they have any problems with the completion of proposal forms or statements of fact.
  • Premiums are paid into a statutory trust account and client monies calculations done every 25 working days.
  • Clients are informed that they have the right to request full commission disclosure within our TOBA
  • Insurer identity is confirmed at quotation stage and at proposal and policy document stage
  • Clients are advised on the TOBA that interest is earned on the client account and that we withhold this interest to defray costs



  • All complaints are dealt with by the compliance director in accordance with the complaints procedure. The complaints log is checked on an ongoing basis (when a complaint occurs) and the outcome circulated back to staff at department meetings with any action that needs to be taken as far as systems and controls are concerned.
  • Staff are made aware of what a valid complaint is by training at monthly meetings


Staff remuneration

  • All staff are salaried – no staff are paid on targets
  • Staff are not aware of specifics on profit commissions paid by insurers and so are not biased towards specific insurers


Management Information

TCF is checked by ongoing use of the following MI:

  • Client file audits
  • Customer survey forms
  • Complaints Log
  • Claims reports
  • Cancellation reports


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