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A key element of the Isca Barum Confidential Review is that it leaves your existing broker relationship completely intact during our analysis. They will continue to operate as normal and there will be no interruption in the service you receive. Using our effective step-by-step approach to gathering information from you, and then working in partnership with an alternative to your current insurer who will take your opportunity seriously and put forward their best terms, we will provide you with a detailed report that:

  • offers a fresh approach, potentially with new ideas for your insurance solution and often with premium savings
  • is focused on your requirements and not influenced by actions taken in an effort to retain or win your business
  • provides you with a clear understanding of the relative value of both brokers
  • enables you to make a direct comparison of the alternative broker and insurer partnerships you are being presented with

If, following our review, you decide to make the change to Isca Barum, you can do so in full knowledge of all costs including insurance premiums and broker fees, and any additional requirements.

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If you would like us to carry out an Isca Barum Confidential Review for you, please contact us on either Exeter 01392 363111 or Barnstaple 01271 320320

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