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We strive to deliver exceptionally high levels of service through our client service charter. As an Isca Barum Insurance Brokers Ltd client, you can expect the following service standards from us:

  • Your best interests will be our priority.
  • We guarantee our independence from insurers.
  • Your confidentiality will be preserved.
  • You will receive independent advice and guidance on your insurance needs.
  • We will provide you with an efficient and professional service.
  • We will help you to obtain prompt and fair settlement of any valid insurance claim.

In return, we ask you to be open in your dealings with us, by providing all the information we need to provide you with the best advice.

Looking for advice or a quote?

Call us on

01392 363111 (Exeter)
01271 320320 (Barnstaple)

9am - 5pm Mon - Fri
or we can call you

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